Personalised Diet Plan


  • Are you struggling to stick to your diet?
  • Are you constantly craving snacks and foods that you aren’t allowed?
  • Have you tried everything to lose weight and still aren’t see much success?
  • Let us create the perfect fat melting diet for you that includes foods you like and ditches all the foods you hate!
  • After purchase we will follow up with you to gain all the information we need to hand craft an incredible fat burning diet plan. We will include where we can those foods you can’t live without and take out any foods that you can’t stand, meaning you can have a painless and guilt free diet plan that will give you the body you always wanted!

We are dedicated to helping our customers lose weight and after many, many questionnaires and surveys we have found that the number 1 hardest factor our customers struggle with is their diet.

The diets you download off the internet have foods you hate or foods you have never heard of. How is anyone ever going to stick to a diet consisting of foods that you don’t like? Unless you have insane dedication then not many of us. I have followed many different diets and systems in the past, full of things I hated doing and foods that I couldn’t stand to eat and every single one after a while I gave up because it just didn’t fit my lifestyle.

Supplements are great and can be a fantastic aid when losing weight but at the end of the day 75% of losing weight and getting fit comes down to diet. So how can you stick to a diet and not have to slave away dreaming about that piece of chocolate or that ice cream that you love but isn’t included in your current diet plan? Does your diet have to be a painful, miserable process? We don’t think so.

I bet many of us can relate to trying every supplement out there and not getting the results we were hoping for. Constantly feeling like you need to snack to the point where you end up giving up for a while and going on a binge. This is all related to being on a diet that just does not fit in with who YOU are and the things that YOU love and hate. To stick to a diet you need to be eating foods that you don’t mind eating, while avoiding the foods you hate and even sneaking a few snacks in here and there. THIS is how you keep motivated and consistent with your diet, which in the end is going to lead to insane weight loss results.

All the above is why we are starting a personalised diet plan service. We send out a questionnaire that contains many different questions that will allow us to assess your ideal calorie level per day to lose and maintain healthy weight loss. You also tell us the foods you love, those tasty snacks that you just can’t live without and of course the foods you hate and never want to eat again. We will then manually hand craft a 100% personalised diet plan. Of course it won’t be snacks all day but it will be foods you have access to, that you don’t mind eating, and we will fit in those snacks every couple of days to make sure you find the diet easy and painless to stick to.

We will also follow up each week to make sure you are sticking to the diet and to assess any problems that you have had during the week. We will make sure to hold you accountable so you have someone to answer to if you decide to cheat. We have found this to be very efficient as if you are dieting yourself and you cheat you have nobody to follow up with.

This service isn’t cheap, and this is for a good reason as we only want people that are serious about losing weight and making a big change in their life. We want the people that have tried lots of diets and still aren’t seeing much success and want a painless, guilt free way to get that body you have always dreamed of. If this doesn’t sound like you then please don’t apply as we want people that will work with us and take every step seriously!

If you are ready to  make a big change to your body and your confidence then click the ‘Add to cart’ button now! We will reach out to you within a few hours so we can get hand crafting the perfect diet for you!


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